Who can Become Member?

Extracts from the Bylaws pertaining to the Membership of FIPI

There shall be the following classes of Members of the Society:

  • Corporate Members
  • Associate Members
  • Ordinary Members
  • Introductory Members
  • Institutional Members
  • Emeritus Members

Entrance Fee & Annual Subscription

The entry fee for new members and annual subscription for the existing as well as new members of various categories of shall be as under:

Category of Member Entry fee in INR in lakh* Annual subscription in INR in lakh* Voting Rights (No. of Votes)
Corporate: Group A 150 15 150
Corporate: Group B 100 10 100
Corporate: Group C 30 3 30
Associate Members 10 2 10
Ordinary Members 10 2 10
Introductory Members 2 0.50 NIL
Institutional Members NIL NIL 1
Emeritus Members NIL NIL 1

* plus applicable GST (currently 18%)

Provided that:

  • The entrance fee and annual subscription fee shall be non-refundable.
  • A member admitted to membership from 1st April to 30th September for a financial year shall pay the full annual subscription in respect of that financial year and the one admitted to membership between 1st October and 31st March of the financial year shall pay 50% of the annual subscription in respect of that financial year.
  • The Governing Council shall have the power to revise the entrance fee and the annual subscription of the members as also the basis for determining the same, from time to time, including revision during the course of a year of the Annual Subscription fixed for the year.
  • Corporate members who shift from lower category to higher category shall pay the differential amount of entrance fee/annual subscription. However, there shall be no refund on members shifted from higher category to lower category.
  • Every application for membership of the Society or renewal thereof shall be made in writing and be accompanied by the fee prescribed above. Such application shall be considered by the Governing Council whose decision thereon shall be final. Where an application is rejected the amount deposited with the application shall be refunded to the applicant within a period of one month from the date of rejection.
  • If the name or the legal constitution of member changes the membership of that member shall continue under the changed name or legal constitution, as the case may be, for the remaining term of that member.

The qualification criteria for the various categoires of members shall be as below:


Any corporate body in the Petroleum Industry incorporated in India with annual turnover of INR 250 crore and above shall qualify to become a Corporate Member of the Society.

There shall be three categories of Corporate Members.

GROUP A: Companies having turnover of over INR 5000 crore.

GROUP B: Companies having turnover of INR 2500 crore to INR 5000 crore.

GROUP C: Companies having turnover of INR 250 crore to less than INR 2500 crore.


All India registered Associations of Industry, Trade, Commerce, Transporters etc., either dealing and/or connected with hydrocarbon products or its users and any other associations which the Governing Council shall decide may be made Associate Members.


Any corporate body related to the Petroleum Industry with weighted average of NFA and turnover of less than INR 250crore and any individual/organisation would qualify to become an Ordinary Member of the Society. The organisations like bulk users, major equipment manufacturers and suppliers etc. interested in the Objects and Incidental Objects of the Society maybe admitted as Ordinary Members. A foreign corporate body may also become an Ordinary Member of the Society. All such cases would be considered subject to the approval of the Governing Council of the Society.


New entrants in CGD business, service providers, start-up companies engaged in petroleum or related industry with weighted average of NFA and turnover of less than INR 250 crore and/or any other organization as decided by the Governing Council would qualify to become an Introductory Member of the Society.

Introductory membership would be offered to an organization on one-time basis only.

Those who would join FIPI as an Introductory Member will enjoy membership for four years. At the end of the introductory period, the member has to apply for FIPI’s membership either under ‘Ordinary Membership’ category or one of the ‘Corporate Member’ categories.


The criteria for institution members shall be as decided by the Governing Council from time to time.


Persons of eminence, both Indian and foreign nationals, connected to the Petroleum Industry including related research institutions may be taken as Emeritus Members by the Governing Council. However Emeritus Members shall not be persons holding Public offices. The Governing Council may induct Emeritus Members for a period of two years and they shall be eligible for re-appointed for one additional term. Emeritus Members shall have right to resign. Each non-individual member shall be represented in the General Body Meeting by its chief executive or its nominee.

Admission of Members: The procedure and guidelines for the enrolment of membership including the number of members will be decided by the Governing Council from time to time. The Governing Council shall be exclusively authorized to admit members.