Workshop on Natural Gas Vision 2030


Workshop on Natural Gas Vision 2030

KPMG is carrying out a study on “GAS ROADMAP OF INDIA – 2030” for FIPI with support of industry members. In this regard first workshop on Developing Natural Gas Vision – 2030 was organized on 22nd June, 2017. The workshop was attended by around 32 members from 20 different organizations.

As it is known that no vision can be drafted without the inputs from the key stakeholders who represent a cross section of an industry. Realizing the importance of the viewpoint of the stakeholders, the session was conducted through an interactive group discussion. The methodology that was adopted for the session include a) formation of groups under different categories b) develop a vision by involving the group members c) key ‘Asks’ to achieve the defined vision.

From the exercise the top issues will emerge, which will form the basis of the further study towards developing a comprehensive natural gas roadmap for India.