Profile of Chairman

B. Ashok


Mr. B. Ashok is Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. since July 2014. He also heads IndianOil's group companies, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd., and industry organisations such as Petroleum Federation of India (PetroFed).

With over 33 years' expertise in the oil & gas sector, Mr. Ashok has wide experience in various roles of the Corporation's Marketing Division and has also been part of the core team that initiated Business Development activities at its Corporate Office for diversification of business and integration both upstream and downstream. He also has considerable global exposure, having headed IndianOil's overseas business in Southeast Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and recently on the Board of IndianOil's Sri Lanka subsidiary (Lanka IOC), wherein he contributed to its turnaround into a profitable venture, which declared maiden dividend to its shareholders.

A mechanical engineer from the College of Engineering, Madras University, with a Post-Graduate Management diploma from the prestigious National Management Programme of Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, Mr. Ashok has served in many key positions at IndianOil. As head of the Retail Sales function, he managed a 24,000-strong fuel stations network, which contributes about 55% of the sales volumes. As Head of two State Offices, he handled the Corporation's complete business portfolio in two major States, besides acting as the Oil Industry Coordinator. He has been a Divisional Head with long and successful stints at the field level as well as at the Marketing Division Head Office in Lubes & Technical Services functions.

Mr. Ashok initiated several technological innovations in the retail business, including launch of the mobile application mPower for field officers, the first for any retail industry in the country; XSparsh, a mobile app. for dealers and Fuel@IOC, a mobile app. for customers. A Retail Dashboard for database management was launched during his tenure as Retail Sales head. With his customer-centric approach, Mr. Ashok has been instrumental in several long-lasting partnerships with key industrial and other bulk customers. He has always insisted on the win-win and ethical approach to business.

Mr. Ashok has been in leadership and policy formulation positions in the organisation for several years and has established many benchmarks for the industry as well. Some of the key initiatives include innovation of pilfer-proof locks for tank-trucks transporting petroleum products to prevent theft and adulteration en route, which later became an industry norm; setting up of AutoLPG dispensing stations to promote the more economical and less-polluting LPG as auto fuel. He has shaped numerous policy changes in Retail and Business Development areas that eased business practices, improved clarity and promoted transparency.

Mr. Ashok has also headed the Corporate Communications function during his wide-ranging career contour in IndianOil. Having also been a Training & Development person, his passion for human development resulted in the formulation of high-impact training and development initiatives. Project Chetna, launched during his stint as Retail Sales head, focussed on upgrading the skills, responsiveness and behaviour of the public-facing 'customer attendants' at IndianOil's fuel stations. This has galvanised the field teams to bring about perceptible changes in service levels across the Corporation's retail network.

At IndianOil, Mr. Ashok is known for his transformational and people-centric leadership. In his various roles, he has been able to energise entire teams to perform and deliver results through positive engagement and a shared vision. He was one of the key resource persons in evolving the Corporate Vision for the organisation both in the year 1999 as well as in 2009. Under his leadership, several HR initiatives were taken and innovative policies implemented in areas relating to promotion policy, recruitment at A0 level, organisational restructuring and modification of ePMS (electronic performance management system).

An avid reader, musician and a keen sportsperson, Mr. Ashok has a wide range of interests and passion for multiple facets of life.