Workshop on 'Comparative Regulatory Frameworks to Increase Utilization of Natural Gas in India'

A workshop on the “Comparative Regulatory Frameworks to Increase Utilization of Natural Gas in India” was organized by Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (“FIPI”) which was held on 09th May, 2017 at New Delhi in order to understand the experience of natural gas infrastructure development in Spain and Latin America. There was a detailed analysis of barriers that prevent increase of utilization of natural gas in India.

The speakers from Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) Ane Ariño Ochoa (Director Business Development), José María Sáez (Director of International Regulatory Affairs), Carlos Miravent Pi (Director International Business Development) and Mario García Gómez (Head of India Office) presented their experience in Latin America and Spain. Also way forward in their view for increasing share of gas in energy basket was shared.

During the session the specific models of evolution of gas regulation was discussed, wherein it has moved from local distribution to vertical integration and finally leading to a competitive market scenario. They also discussed how freedom of entry and investment and the right to use infrastructure has helped in building a better transmission and distribution network. As per views of GNF, India needs to create a level playing field with LPG as consumer’s decision on using a particular fuel should not depend upon the amount of subsidy it is receiving. Also although auction continues, the tariffs to be implemented should be fixed by regulator based on market demand and competition with other fuels and focus should be more on providing more connections to the customers in initial period of operation.

During the session Shri A P Sawhney, Additional Secretary – MoP&NG also gave his address to the audience. He highlighted that with the number of new LNG terminals coming in it will help in bringing more competition and the session has helped in bring new ideas which can be implemented in India. Dr. Mohanty from PNGRB gave concluding remarks of the session. He also shared that PNGRB is actively working on the issues to overcome bottlenecks raised during the session.

Mr. S. Rath, Director(E&P) welcoming the participants.

Ane Ariño Ochoa, Director Business development Asia & North Africa, Gas Natural Fenosa

Mario García Gómez, Head of India Office, Gas Natural Fenosa briefing haracterization of natural gas demand in India.

José María Sáez, Director of International Regulatory Affairs, Gas Natural Fenosa

Carlos Miravent Pi, Director International Business Development, Gas Natural Fenosa

Q&A session in progress.
A section of the participants.
Shri A P Sawhney, Additional Secretary, MoP&NG sharing his thoughts.
Shri B. Mohanty, Member, PNGRB delivering the closing remarks