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The Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) is an apex Society of entities in the hydrocarbon sector and acts as an industry interface with Government and regulatory authorities. It helps in resolution of issues and evolution of policies and regulations. It represents the industry on Government bodies, committees and task forces and has been submitting recommendations to the Government on behalf of the industry on various issues.

It aims to be the most effective and influential voice of the oil & gas industry to facilitate its development as a globally competitive industry in India that enjoys the respect and trust of the society. Several Government policy initiatives have their genesis in its reports and publications, some of which are quoted in documents like the Integrated Energy Policy.

FIPI organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, roundtable meetings and brings out study reports and a quarterly journal. It has instituted 15 Awards in 13 categories which are open to all Oil & Gas companies operating in the country without any entry fee.All major companies operating in the oil & Gas sector in India are members of FIPI.